IMOnline (Ingram Micro Online Web) Guide

Please note that only IT Resellers are able to apply for an account with Ingram Micro. A reseller's business must comprise of reselling IT products to end users. If you are interested in becoming an Ingram Micro reseller please see the Become a Reseller section of this website.

For any questions about your online experience with Ingram Micro, please do not hesitate to contact us at Your feedback and questions are most welcome. 


New IMOnline (Ingram Micro Online) Web User

If you are logging in to the Ingram Micro website (IMOnline) for the first time, use your IMOnline login = your email address and Password that got emailed to you. You will be required to change your password and answer a challenge question. You can then set up your profile and notification preferences

Click here for the guide on password requirements >

Please email if you require assistance, and include your account number.

I forgot my password and challenge questions.  How can I log in?

You will need to contact your website administrator to reset your password, or create a web profile for you if you do not have one yet.  If you are the administrator please email, and include your account number.   

Why can’t I log in? I have entered the necessary information.
There are a number of reasons why this may be happening - an incorrect combination of username/password, too many incorrect log-in attempts, or perhaps a typing error might be causing the problem. Contact your website administrator who can reset your password, or email Ingram Micro for assistance, and include your account number.   

How do I personalise my online experience with Ingram Micro

Go to My Account>My Profile>Notification Preferences and set up the detail.

How do I add Quick Links?
The always-visible Quick Links gives you easy access to your baskets, orders, and other information you view throughout the day, every day. After logging in, click on Settings than select or de-select your Quick Links Preferences.

Can I create users?
Yes you can create subordinate users if you are the website administrator for your company. Go to My Account > User Administration > Add New User. You also can enable/disable/delete users, reset passwords and edit details, if you are the website administrator. You can also click on your Quick Links>Add User

Can I assign different privileges to users?
Yes. Go to My Account > User Administration to choose an existing user. Then, select his or her privileges by checking or unchecking the various boxes.

How can I access my account statements?
Go to My Account > Account Statements. Also, you can access statements directly from your Quick Links if you have the My Account Statements link set there. See How do I add Quick Links above.

How can I contact my website administrator if I don’t know who the administrator is?
Contact your Account Manager at Ingram Micro or email, and include your account number.     

I am not receiving any email order confirmation.

This can be configured from your My Account > My Profile > Notification Preferences. You will be required to enter the email address and select the Email checkbox together with the type of notification of your choice.



Why can’t I add products to a basket?
First, make sure that you are logged in. If you are not logged in, you cannot add any items to a basket. If you are logged in, you may not have the privilege of adding items to a basket assigned to you. Ask your website administrator at your company to assign that privilege to you. You also may not have proper certification to purchase a certain product.

Why can’t I see any product pricing?

First, make sure that you are logged in. If you are not logged in, you might only see retail pricing, or no pricing of any kind. Once you log in, the pricing you are approved to see should appear.

How can I manage my current orders and access my old orders?
You can access all of your orders directly from your Quick Links. You also can go to My Account > My Orders and then search or browse for your orders.

How do I order a product?
Once you have a registered account with Ingram Micro, you can add items to your basket for purchase. To create an account, see
 Become a Reseller.

Can I return items via the website?
Yes you can. Go to My Account, Account Statement or from the Quick Links click on Invoice List/Account Statement.(You must have your invoice number, SKU or VPN number, serial number and, in some cases, your vendor RMA number). Search for the invoice, click on the invoice to get into the item detail. At the top right hand side click on RETURN ITEMS. Select the item + enter Qty + tick on the correct serial number. At reseller return number enter your ref number (freight no if you have it) Select a reason for return, drop down and select. Enter as much detail as possible. Click on continue. Make sure you understand the policies. Tick that you read the policies. Click on Continue. Check the detail and edit or SUBMIT.

Can I reorder a past order?
Yes. Go to My Orders and then search or browse for the order you want to reorder. Then, select the Copy Items to New Basket button on the Order Details page.

How to set up my Backorder report?
Go to My Account>My Profile>Notification Preferences and set up the detail.

How do I cancel backordered products if I don’t want them anymore?
Go to the Order Details page of the backordered product, and from there you can request a backorder cancellation by selecting the email link on that page. You also can contact Ingram Micro for assistance.

What is the difference between public, private, and shared baskets?
Public Baskets are “read-only” for users other than the user who created them. Public Baskets that you created are visible in My Baskets. Public Baskets that you did not create are visible only in Company Baskets. Private Baskets are only viewable to and accessible by the user who created them. Shared Baskets are visible in Company Baskets only. You and other approved users are able to add to and delete from Shared Baskets.

How many baskets can I have at any one time?
You can have up to 100 active baskets at any given time.



How do I request pricefeed emails?
Email and we will give you a list of required details.

Where can I find information about lost shipments, returns, invoice discrepancies, and so on?
Go to Services & Support > Customer Service or contact Ingram Micro for immediate assistance.


Browser Support will always support the current version of the following browsers plus one version back.

  • Internet Explorer (NB old versions like IE7+IE8 might have search problems)
  • Firefox
  • Safari